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5 prom shoe hacks

By November 23, 2016news

Tips to ensure they don’t put a damper on your day

Once you have selected your prom shoes it’s important that you get them ready for the big day. This will ensure that you will look and feel your best so that you can make the most of your prom. Here are five prom shoe hacks:

1: Shop around

After following the tips on how to select prom shoes and you have decided on what you want, shop around until you find the perfect ones, at the right price.

2: Wear them in

Most shoes, even tennis shoes, take time to wear in and prom shoes are no different. In fact, by nature they probably need a extra time so you can get used to wearing them and walking in them. Try wearing them at home and while you are sitting at your desk.

3: Be prepared

To ease the process of getting used to your beautiful prom shoes, there are many products available to make shoes more comfortable and less slippery. Shop around to find items that will make your shoes more comfortable and get some slip-resistant stickers for the sole.

4: Give your feet some TLC

Nothing compliments prom shoes like gorgeous pedicured feet. Even if you are opting for closed shoes, knowing that your feet are looking their best will make you feel more confident.

5: Have a backup plan

Bring along an extra pair of prom shoes just in case you run into a prom shoe emergency. A heel could break, your feet might be aching or you simply want to wear more comfortable shoes for the party.