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6 things to remember when buying bridal shoes

By November 22, 2016news

The ultimate checklist to make sure you look your best

Choosing the right bridal shoes for your special day is not only about looking your best, it can make or break the day. Every bride has their wish list when it comes to color and style but don’t forget to select bridal shoes that check these boxes.

1: How tall do you want to be?

Depending on how you feel about height, make sure that you choose bridal shoes that make you feel comfortable. This includes how you measure up to your partner.

2: Comfort vs. beauty

Sometimes the most beautiful bridal shoes aren’t always the most comfortable. If the occasion requires lots of standing or walking then its best to choose bridal shoes that are more comfortable, or have a backup pair to slip into.

3: Closed or open

This one comes down to personal preference, but it’s never okay to wear visible toe-covering stockings with open toed bridal shoes.

4: Choosing the right color

Again, this comes down to each bride’s personal style. Some brides opt for ones that match the color of their dress, while others choose to go for a pop of color to add variety and fun to their special day.

5: Choosing the style that is you

Stay true to who you are by selecting bridal shoes that reflect your personal style. If you are a person who loves heels then choose heels, the same goes for lovers of flats, peep-toes, platforms etc. This will not only make you feel most comfortable on your big day, it will help you avoid shoe malfunctions like tripping or falling because you simply aren’t used to wearing a different type of bridal shoes.

6: Matching your bridal shoes to your dress and venue

Your bridal shoes will determine how long your dress needs to be. Once you have settled on the style you want you can ensure the length of your dress suits them perfectly. It’s also important to make sure that they suit the venue – stilettos for a beach wedding could be disastrous.

When it comes to buying bridal shoes there is no right or wrong choice because each bride is different. It’s all about choosing the best bridal shoes to suit your wedding and personal style.

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